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Stokesy's Story

Stokesy's Story
Stokesy was found by one of our Kingley clients in early January, in a ditch near West Stoke, which later lead to his name! He was lame, dehydrated, had some cuts and grazes, and was covered in fleas. We believed he had been involved in some kind of traffic accident. Although he was wearing a collar, sadly he wasn’t microchipped, so we launched an appeal for his owner.
We registered him on Dogslost, put up posters and shared his story on Facebook. Despite nearly 24,000 people watching a video about him, an owner never come forward.
During his time with us, we nursed him back to good health and having been Neutered, Vaccinated and Microchipped, he was getting bored. We gave him as much attention and exercise as we possibly could, but what he really needed was a new home.
He was a very friendly boy and full of energy, so his new owner would need plenty of time and patience to devote to him.
With this in mind, we put up posters and spread the word through Facebook again. This generated a lot of interest, but no-one was willing to take him on. So we tried the local paper and they ran his story for us, but still no-one came forward to offer him a new home.
Finally, after more than 2 months, a friend of a staff member, expressed an interest and came in to visit him. They hit it off straight away and now Stokesy has his new forever home with Sam.