Why AlphaPet choose Vetsure
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Why AlphaPet choose Vetsure

Why AlphaPet choose Vetsure

Here at AlphaPet we believe that having good quality pet insurance in place for your pet is important.

We never want cost to be an issue should your pet require treatment, but there is also no doubt that the provision of high quality veterinary care can be costly. It is for this reason that we strongly recommend that all our clients consider taking out a good quality pet insurance product.

Understand though that there are hundreds of policies to choose from - all with different features, benefits, limits and exclusions. The choice can be somewhat overwhelming. Below are a list of things that we think you might like to consider when making your choice.

Does the policy provide ‘lifelong’ cover for ongoing conditions?

Are vet fee benefits ‘per condition’ or is there a maximum amount for all conditions?

Do benefits ‘re-charge’ every year that the policy is in force?

Does the excess need to be paid once per condition or per condition per year?

What is the excess? What is the co-payment and when does it apply?

Will your vet allow ‘direct claims’ from the insurer?

Besides cover against vet fees, what else does the policy include as standard?

AlphaPet promote Vetsure Pet Insurance® policies. Vetsure is a simple, yet comprehensive, policy range aimed at helping provide cover for the treatments we offer in our clinics - all at a very competitive price.

Many policies on the market offer cover only for a limited amount of time and only a single ‘pot of money’ from which to claim. Vetsure policies are different!

  • If your pet suffers from an ongoing illness, the vet treatment benefits offered will recharge for each condition every year that the policy is in place (provided your premiums are kept up to date).
  • Vetsure only charge your excess once per unrelated condition. A number of pet insurers charge the excess every year – which can soon make costs add up. If your pet is unlucky to suffer from multiple unrelated conditions in the same year you will be able to claim on each separately - Vetsure claim limits apply to each unrelated condition.
  • When you make an eligible claim, we are happy for Vetsure to settle the bill directly with us - this means you only have to pay us the policy excess at the time of treatment.

For more information please speak to a member of the AlphaPet team or pick up a leaflet in one of our clinics.


Call 0844 879 7061 or visit www.vetsure.com to get a quote or for full details, terms and conditions.