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Little Miracles!

Little Miracles!

Here are two stories with happy endings that proves why it is so important and a very worthwhile investment in getting your pet microchipped.


Nessa went missing from her home in Lavant, Chichester on 2nd January.

Her worried owner immediately began the search to find her and put up posters, leafleted houses, searched the internet, put her on Facebook and contacted all the local vets and rescues.

After 6 weeks of searching, her owner was losing all hope of ever finding her.

Then, almost 5 months after she disappeared, on 20th May, she was found in Storrington!

She was looking a bit worse for wear, so she was taken into a local vets. There, she was scanned for a microchip and fortunately for her, she had one.

This meant that she was soon re-united with her surprised, but very happy owner.

Nessa is now back at home with her sister and back to plotting her usual mischief! You can see some pictures of her above and below.



At the end of March, it was posted on our Facebook page about a missing cat called Teddy.

On 6th June, his owners got a phone call to say he had been found.

The reason the vets knew who to call, was that he too had a microchip.

Teddy went missing from West Ashling, Chichester and was found in Rustington over 2 months later!

His owners have no idea where he had been for so long and aside from losing a lot of weight, he was otherwise in good health. They do suspect though that he may have accidentally got shut in a delivery van. One was seen the afternoon he went missing. Teddy is a very curious cat and is often seen sniffing round cars and vans, so that would definitely explain why he was found so far from home. His owners are very grateful to everyone who shared his plight on facebook and especially that they got him microchipped! Teddy is pictured below with his delighted owners.

If these stories have inspired you to get your cat microchipped, please give us a call today and we'll get them booked in. Likewise, if you are a dog owner, please know that in April 2016, it will be law for you to have your dog microchipped. So don't delay, get it done today!