Jomo and his happy ending!
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Jomo and his happy ending!

Jomo and his happy ending!

Jomo is a very handsome and much loved Bengal who went missing from his home in Surrey in the new year.
After 7 weeks, his owners had almost given up hope of ever finding him.
Lucky for Jomo, he ended up in our care after being found in Cakeham, West Wittering. We scanned him for a microchip and fortunately he had one and we were able to contact his owners to let them know he was safe.

Where he had been, or how he had got to West Wittering remains a mystery, but he has now been reunited with his owners and although slightly traumatised and wary from his experience, he is delighted to be back home with his family!

Without his microchip, it is very unlikely that we would have ever found out where he came from. Jomo’s story is just another example that highlights one of the major benefits of getting your pet Microchipped.

Please remember that in April this year, it will become law for all dog owners to make sure that their dog has one.
Although it is not law for cats, we are certain that Jomos owners are very glad they did!