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Tortoise Clinics

Tortoise Clinics

At AlphaPet, we have two qualified nurses who have taken a special interest in Tortoises.

Sue Eaton and Charlie Sampson run special nurse clinics just for tortoises and are able to give advice regarding their care.

These clinics are available all year round, though we tend to see a lot more during the Spring and Autumn months when tortoises are coming out of, or going into hibernation.

These are important times in a tortoises life, so caring for them correctly is essential.

For just £10, Sue and Charlie can advise you on their general husbandry, feeding and diet and the best environments for them.

They are given a full health check prior to hibernation to make sure they are fit and well enough to get through the winter months and can tell you how to go about this safely.

Then once they have come out of hibernation in the spring, again they are given a full health check and advice is given on how to get them back up to their full strength ready for the Summer.

If you would like to book your tortoise in, please call our Birdham surgery on 01243 513514 to book in with Sue, or for Charlie at our West Meads surgery, call 01243 842832.

The clinics are for healthy tortoises only, so if you feel your tortoise is poorly in any way, it is best to book an appointment with a vet.

For further information, please follow this link to our Tortoise advice page: