Parvovirus Alert
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Parvovirus Alert

Parvovirus Alert

For a good many years, thanks largely to highly effective vaccination policies, Parvovirus was a rare disease. We had felt that the horrific scenes of rows of dying puppies was a thing of the past.

Recently however, we have seen several cases of Parvovirus in young puppies. Very sadly most of these cases have been fatal despite treatment.

Despite high profile campaigns, people are still tempted by the lure of a young puppy and are prepared to buy puppies via the internet, often meeting sellers in car parks with no paperwork and never seeing either mum or dad.

Many of these sort of puppies are simply being traded as goods by the sellers. They have often come from Welsh puppy farms, from unvaccinated parents and then mixed with lots of puppies before they reach you. If any one of those puppies was carrying Parvovirus, it is only a matter of a few days before your brand new puppy goes down with it and with no maternal immunity, their chances of survival are very poor.

Please never buy a puppy without seeing mum. By doing so, you are helping to perpetuate the terrible trade in puppies and run the very real risk of having your puppy become seriously sick within days of purchase.  For more advice on how to choose and buy a puppy or a kitten, check out our website at

Watching your new puppy die a slow and horrible death from parvovirus is soul destroying and with Parvo around in the area, we strongly encourage all clients to ensure that all dogs, whatever their age, are up to date with their vaccinations.