Raw Feeding - Seriously Risky
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Raw Feeding - Seriously Risky

Raw Feeding - Seriously Risky

Feeding raw diets seems to be gaining in popularity, but there is a wealth of scientific evidence showing that there are serious risks to both our patients and clients from doing so.

A recent study at Liverpool University showed that over half of dogs fed a raw meat diet contained a bacterium called E.coli that was resistant to a single antibiotic. This compared to just 17% in dogs fed a cooked meat diet.

Of even more concern however was the finding that 1 in 4 dogs fed a raw diet contained E coli that was resistant to 3 or more antibiotics and 1 in 3 was resistant to one of our more powerful antibiotics. This was 6 times more common than in dogs fed a cooked meat diet.

The study concluded that “Raw-fed dogs may be a source of antimicrobial resistant E.coli for the household, representing both a potential public health and animal welfare issue”.

And if that wasn’t enough, there is also an increased risk of Salmonella and Campylobacter infections, both of which can be transmitted to humans.

For these reasons alone, we advise all clients to feed a cooked diet, either canned or dry, but preferably of a super premium brand such as Hills, which are guaranteed to pose no infection risk to either you or your pet.