Marley's story
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Marley's story

Marley's story

Marley is one very fortunate dog!

Marley is just over a year old. She presented to us as an emergency with life-threatening peritonitis. Her owner understandably wanted everything done to try and save her, but she wasn't insured and she needed complicated and expensive surgery. We were assured this wouldn't be a problem, so we went ahead.

Marley made it through the surgery, but there were complications and soon the bill had reached over £1900. The owner then became difficult to contact and eventually admitted that he didn't have the money to pay for this.

We decided to try and get Marley signed over to us so we could rehome her, but the owner simply stopped replying to our phone calls.

Legally, we had to wait until 2nd December before we were allowed to rehome her. In that time, she has become a firm staff favourite, going home with staff at weekends and sharing treats in the staffroom at lunchtimes!

But the great news is that after a weekend trial one of our nurses has managed to persuade her parents that she can go and live with them and their other dog! A great happy ending, or should that be a happy beginning?

We may be £2000 out of pocket, but Marley has found her forever home and you can't put a price on that!