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"Veterinary practices are first and foremost businesses" - Insulting and oh so wrong!

Yesterday, I received an email copy of a newsletter from something called "The Good Vet Guide" which contained a blog stating "Veterinary practices are first and foremost businesses". I felt both deeply insulted and saddened that my beloved profession had sunk so far as to be viewed in this way. Coincidentally, on the same day, we were presented with the owner of a 7 month old puppy with... read more »


Just a quick plea! When phoning for appointments, it is really helpful for our reception and nursing staff to know the exact reason for the appointment so they can allow enough time for specific problem with your pet. By being able to match the likely consultation times with the specific problems means that there is a much greater ability for vets to keep to their appointment times. A quick squeeze of anal glands or a... read more »

Weighty Issues

Overweight  pets  is  possibly  the  single  most  significant  clinical  problem  we  see  at  AlphaPet. Pets  that  are  overweight  (in  common  with  their  human  owners)  are  significantly more  likely  to  suffer  from  a  wide  variety  of  serious  and  potentially  fatal  diseases such  as  arthritis,  other  orthopaedic  injuries,  skin  disease,  heart  disease  and breathing  difficulties. Frustratingly,  many  owners  are  surprised  when  it  is  pointed  out  that  their  pet probably  should  lose  a  few  kilos.  In  many  cases,  they  have  got  so  used... read more »

Use of Basket Muzzles

Over  recent  weeks,  we  have  seen  a  spate  of  dogs  that  have  eaten  silly  objects which  have  caused  serious  intestinal  problems  and  occasionally  life-­‐threatening blockages  necessitating  major  surgery. Some  of  these  animals  have  done  similar  things  before  and  the  owners  have  been aware  of  the  risk.  Sadly,  sitting  dogs  down  and  trying  to  reason  with  them  is unlikely  to  be  a  successful  preventative  measure! If  you  have  a  dog  that  is  a  known  scavenger,  why  not  consider  using  a... read more »

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