Emergency Care Provision
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Emergency Care Provision

Modern veterinary practices, like their human equivalents, are increasingly concentrating on providing healthcare advice and treatment to help keep animals healthy rather than just relying on treating sick patients. However, no matter how hard we try, we cannot prevent all animals getting sick and they don’t always do this during normal opening hours.

At AlphaPet, we believe strongly that emergency out of hours care is best provided by the same practice that you are normally registered with. This means that we have access to your patient’s clinical notes and the vet you speak to will often have personal knowledge of the patients they are treating.

There are increasing numbers of veterinary out of hours emergency clinics appearing which practices subscribe to so that their own staff do not have to provide veterinary services outside of normal hours. This can mean that clients often have to travel some distance to unfamiliar practices at times of great stress with very sick animals. Obviously access to that patient’s clinical records will often not be possible since it is an entirely separate private practice that is providing the emergency treatment. Further, it also means that patients needing to be hospitalised overnight or for protracted periods will have to be transferred to these same out of hours clinics. Finally, the fees charged at these dedicated out of hours clinics are often considerably higher than at a normal practice.

At AlphaPet, we do not believe that any of these factors are in the best interests of our patients or our clients and are merely designed to reduce the running costs of the daytime practices involved. We would like to assure our clients that we have no intention whatsoever of changing our current out of hours emergency cover arrangements meaning that you will continue to have 24/7 access to an AlphaPet vet for the care of all your pets