More silent suffering?
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More silent suffering?

When was the last time you checked your pet’s teeth? Do they look gleaming white the same as ours do?

If not, and particularly if there is reddening of the gums and there are significant brown deposits built up on the teeth, then this may be indicative of pain causing conditions.

As with many other chronic conditions in pets, they often don’t show any outward sign of pain. They just get on with life as best they can. Ask yourself when was the last time you had toothache which someone else noticed? Only when the pain gets too much to bear will pets stop eating, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been suffering in silence for some considerable period beforehand.

As vets, our primary goal is to prevent suffering in animals, so we would urge all clients to check their pet’s teeth regularly and if you are in any doubt, let us check them and advise accordingly.