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Just a quick plea! When phoning for appointments, it is really helpful for our reception and nursing staff to know the exact reason for the appointment so they can allow enough time for specific problem with your pet.

By being able to match the likely consultation times with the specific problems means that there is a much greater ability for vets to keep to their appointment times. A quick squeeze of anal glands or a claw clip takes a lot less time than a new skin condition or a vomiting and diarrhoea case.

We understand that some clients feel there are things they only want to discuss with the vet they are due to see, but all our staff are governed by client confidentiality in exactly the same way as the vets are and there is very little that we haven't heard before! If you feel that we need to see your pet, then we will always respect whatever that reason is.

So please, try to let our reception and nursing staff know at least the general outline of the problem that you need to come to see us for - it really helps us to be able to provide you and your pet with the very best service on time!