Meet Amber - She's Lucky To Be Alive!
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Meet Amber - She's Lucky To Be Alive!

Meet Amber - She's Lucky To Be Alive!

Amber is lucky to be alive - no thanks to Lungworm!

Amber is a beautiful 18 month old Golden Retriever bitch.

Amber came in to us recently for a routine neutering operation and appeared in perfect health with no external signs of any ill health.

During the surgery, she seemed to bleed a little more than normally expected, but nothing too untoward.  Overall, the surgery appeared to go well. Luckily, the operating vet had a 6th sense that something was not completely right and decided to keep her in for overnight observation.

During the evening, it became obvious that she had started to bleed internally. She was rushed back into surgery where it was discovered she had lost almost a litre of blood into her abdomen (tummy). All of her original sutures were correctly in place and the bleeding was coming from other areas in the abdomen. It took quite a while to stop all the bleeding, but eventually the surgeon managed it and she spent another couple of days in hospital recovering.

Extensive further tests indicated that it was Lungworm that had caused her to bleed so dangerously. Unfortunately, she hadn’t been treated with Advocate on a monthly basis and had probably picked up Lungworm from accidental ingestion of a slug or snail that was carrying the worm.

In dogs, Lungworm (Angiostrongylus) can cause a range of serious and potentially fatal problems including pneumonia, anaemia, sudden collapse and blood clotting disorders. Monthly Advocate treatment is currently the only licensed, effective medication for both prevention and treatment of Lungworm.

As you can see from the photograph, Amber is making an excellent recovery from her surgeries and will soon be signed off from our care.

Her owner was keen to share her story with others and to highlight her case to other dog owners in the area. With Amber’s help, hopefully we can prevent another dog nearly dying from this scary but preventable disease.

In the light of cases such as Amber’s, we strongly advise our clients to use Advocate monthly throughout the year as their primary flea and worm treatment in dogs.