Farewell to Jaffa - Sleep Well
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Farewell to Jaffa - Sleep Well

Farewell to Jaffa - Sleep Well

Jaffa was an un-neutered stray Border Collie cross found wandering around Chichester some 14 years ago. He was brought in to AlphaPet by Pet Detectives having allegedly bitten a child.

No one came to claim him and so Richard and Sandra took him on.

He turned out to be pretty special - one of those one-in-a-million sort of dogs!

Over the years, he’s done more than his bit for AlphaPet. He’s attended numerous school talks, donated blood many times to help save other dogs and he’s appeared on many AlphaPet posters and can still be seen in several places around the surgeries.

More recently, he recovered from 2 major operations for cancer, but finally a series of strokes meant that we had to let him go.

Be sure to give him a wave when you see his picture around the practice.

He made it to our 20th year, and we will miss him dearly but we’ll never forget him.