Please don't throw sticks for dogs!
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Please don't throw sticks for dogs!

Please don't throw sticks for dogs!







The story of a nearly fatal stick injury

Meet Alfie and his very happy mum.

Alfie is sporting his very neat shaved neck and scar

He is one VERY lucky dog!

One Saturday, his owners were throwing sticks for him to chase which seemed like great fun until the stick jammed into the ground just as Alfie grabbed it in his mouth. Because he was running at speed, the stick was forced back into his mouth, penetrated under his tongue and further on down into his neck!

Fortunately, vets at the AlphaPet West Meads surgery saw him as an emergency and were able to stabilise him sufficiently for an emergency trip over to Winchester to see a specialist who was able to successfully remove the stick from alongside his carotid artery. A few millimetres the other way and Alfie would not be here.

Alfie owes his life to AlphaPet vet Laura Wingham and specialist vet James Grierson at Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists, but the moral of the tale is PLEASE DO NOT THROW STICKS FOR DOGS. At the very least it may involve a very expensive visit to the vets. At worst, it could be fatal.