Rabbit Awareness Week
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Rabbit Awareness Week

Rabbit Awareness Week

Hop along to AlphaPet Veterinary Clinic for our free ‘Rabbit Awareness Week’ health checks from Monday 11th to Friday 22nd May 2015. We are running it for 2 weeks, so that you have longer to take full advantage of what we are offering!

Veterinary nurses will check your bunny's general health, clip their nails and advise on many topics such as your rabbit's diet, sex, dental care, vaccinations, parasites, neutering, and the risk of fly-strike as the weather gets warmer. These health check appointments are available on any weekday.

We will also be launching a Rabbit Pet Health Club, as we think rabbits are just as important as our canine or feline furry friends!

Unlike pet insurance, our club covers the cost of routine healthcare. This is important to help reduce the chances of illness striking in the future and the Pet Health Club will help you do so for an affordable fixed monthly cost.

Additionally, we will reward you with exclusive Pet Health Club discounts on other goods and services.

So for only £6 a month, you and your rabbit would benefit from:

  • Annual Vaccination Myxomatosis & VHD
  • Rearguard Fly-Strike protection (1 tube)
  • Panacur Worm and E.cuniculi protection
  • 6 month health check with nurse
  • Unlimited claw clipping
  • 10% off neutering
  • 10% off dental work
  • 10% off rabbit counter goods
  • 10% off rabbit foods
  • 30% off microchipping
  • Can be used in conjunction with AlphaPet Loyalty Card

You could join the club today and start saving money. Just complete a simple form at reception and we will do the rest!

To book a free health check appointment with one of our nurses, please call your local AlphaPet surgery and get booked in today, so that your rabbit doesn't miss out!

West Meads 01243 842832

Birdham 01243 513514

Kingley 01243 528899

To find out more about Rabbit Awareness Week, check them out on Facebook or follow this link: http://www.rabbitawarenessweek.co.uk/