A very lucky cat called Domino!
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A very lucky cat called Domino!

A very lucky cat called Domino!

We'd like you to meet Domino. He recently had a very traumatic experience when he got himself stuck inside a cavity wall! Fortunately for Domino, someone heard his cries for help and after several stressful hours of destruction, they managed to get him out. Following his dramatic rescue, he was brought into AlphaPet and the good news was that he had a microchip, which meant that we were able to reunite him with his very worried, but relieved owner. Domino spent a couple of days with us whilst we checked him out and ran some tests. He is now back at home and recovering nicely with his friend Arby.

Domino's owner writes,

"He didn't come home on Wednesday night (6th May) and I knew something was wrong because my other cats were behaving oddly. On Friday 8th, a friend called around local vets and charities to notify his missing status whilst I was at work. That evening, we leafleted 3 sides of the block until it started raining hard.

Then on Saturday morning, just as I was getting ready to leaflet the last street, I received a call from one of the nurses at AlphaPet. Domino had been found and she had recognised him from the information my friend had provided to the Kingley branch as well as from his microchip.

Domino's rescuer, Lee, chose AlphaPet because he knew someone who works there. I was amazed he'd driven much further than the nearest vet to get the best care he knew of for Domino. A hospital with staff on site 24/7 was a perfect choice to my mind.

I bought him home ASAP because I know he's a very sociable cat and that he would benefit from TLC both from me and from his feline friend.

Anyone who has seen the video will appreciate that in addition to the enforced starvation for 3 nights, poor Domino must have been traumatised by the unavoidable demolition of a wall inches from his face. With all that in mind it's not really surprising that it took him a week to show any interest in food. Whilst his appetite isn't back to normal yet, he's eating enough very very soft food to be gaining weight again. He's still quite sore and we're trying to prevent him from jumping for the next few weeks, which will be quite a challenge! He desperately wants to go outside again already. 

Domino and I are both very lucky that such lovely people were there and willing to go way, way, way above and beyond the call of duty to rescue him. They even came round to visit him the other night, although Domino was somewhat wary when he heard their voices! Some kind stranger from the Bognor region volunteered to pay for the wall to be repaired. Lee has refused to take any money from me for it. Lee is actually a builder so his biggest expense were his time and energy. Nevertheless, still an almost incredible rescue. I'm optimistic that it's only a matter of time now before Domino is out and about visiting all of his friends in the neighbourhood". 

This story highlights the importance of making sure your pet is microchipped. With National Microchipping month fast approaching, what better time to get your pet chipped. Better still, AlphaPet have recently made a permanent reduction to the cost of having a microchip implanted. For further information, please give us a call.

Domino can be seen in the photo above in his characteristic pose with legs out stretched. You can view the video of his rescue on our Facebook page.