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Bagheera and Baloo

Bagheera and Baloo

On 17th September, a member of the public witnessed 2 young kittens being thrown from a window of a moving car on Regents Way in Bognor. He was able to note down a partial number plate and colour of the car, but his main concern was to make sure the kittens were ok.
Fortunately, he was able to catch one of them and brought him into us, but the other kitten, clearly scared, had already run off.
Desperate to locate his brother, some of our nurses went searching and he was eventually found clinging to a branch high up in a tree. Our Head Nurse Natalie Pink, climbed the tree and rescued him!

Upon examination, their general body condition was fine, but both kittens had fleas and were squinting. Having ruled out anything serious, it was put down to them having dust in their eyes.
We estimated them to be about 12 weeks of age and have named them Bagheera and Baloo!
We were worried about Bagheera, as he appeared to have some pain in his hip, so we decided to xray the area and see what it showed.
The xrays revealed a slipped femoral epiphysis, which basically means that the femoral head has slipped at the growth plate, which could affect the way he grows. He may need surgery later on, but for now we are keeping him rested and comfortable with pain medications. The injury that Bagheera has sustained is a result of him being thrown from the car.

The Police and RSPCA have been involved and as yet, we haven’t heard anything further about who has committed this cruel act.
We posted the story and some photos on our facebook page and we have been inundated with comments and offers of homes. It was also picked up by the local radio and was featured on Meridian news.

So 2 weeks later, we have decided that they are now ready for rehoming. We would love for them to find a new home together. After what they have been through, it would be a shame to split them up. Please note that Bagheera will need ongoing care for the foreseeable future.
If you feel you could offer them a home, please contact us on 01243 842832.