The kitten who went through the washing machine!
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The kitten who went through the washing machine!

The kitten who went through the washing machine!

This is 4 week old Arla and she recently had a rather terrifying experience!
She was accidentally scooped up in a pile of washing and went through a 15 minute cycle in the washing machine.

When her owners realised what had happened, she was barely conscious, but by the time she got to us, she was mewing and was starting to move around.
Upon examination, Arla was not able to stand. She was moving all her legs, but had no co-ordination.
Her heart rate was a little slow and her temperature was low, she was dehydrated and her chest was raspy as she breathed in and out.
Her owners were told to expect the worst, as even though she had improved since she was taken out of the washing machine, she was still at very high risk of secondary drowning.
Arla was admitted for some intensive supportive therapy, including intravenous fluids and we all had our fingers crossed that she would make a full recovery.
Her temperature began to improve, she took some kitten milk and appeared to be quite settled with no apparent signs of respiratory distress. Although this was good progress, Arla was still not out of the woods.

The next day, Arla was very much improved. She was demanding food, very vocal and wriggly! Although her chest still sounded a little harsh, she was breathing normally and it was agreed that she could go home. Her owners were informed that in theory, secondary drowning can still occur up to 48hrs post near drowning.

We have since heard that Arla is doing well. She is eating, fully weaned from Mum and is running around like a little kitten should. She seems to have forgotten all about her ordeal and thankfully doesn't seem to have any long lasting effects.