Tara is now an advocate for Advocate!
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Tara is now an advocate for Advocate!

Tara is now an advocate for Advocate!

This is the story of Tara, an 8 year old greyhound who came into us with a cough. She had lost her appetite and become very lethargic over the course of a week. Her respiratory rate had also increased.
Upon discussion with Tara’s owner, it transpired that Tara was not vaccinated against kennel cough and hadn’t been treated recently for lungworm (Angiostrongylus). However, these symptoms could mean any number of things, so initially a blood test was advised with a view to a chest X-ray if inconclusive.
The bloods revealed high levels of protein and other markers that indicate inflammation or infection, sometimes due to parasites. In light of this, we advised that Tara be treated with Advocate, the product we recommend for the prevention of lungworm and try to tempt her to eat with whatever she liked best!

Over the course of a couple of days, Tara wasn’t much better. Although her cough had improved slightly, she had gone off her food altogether and wasn’t interested in anything.

So the next step was to take some chest X-rays. These revealed that Tara’s lungs were quite congested.
A procedure called Bronchoalveolar Lavage (BAL) was performed to see if we could obtain a sample from the lungs.
Following the procedure, when the endotracheal tube was removed, there was a blood tinged mucus on the end. A sample of this was taken and examined under the microscope.
On recovery, Tara had now also developed some severe bloody diarrhoea. Another symptom of Lungworm.

In the lab, looking at the sample taken under the microscope, we discovered that Tara did in fact have lungworm, which was further confirmed by using a SNAP test. (See gallery below)
With a dose of Advocate already on board, some antibiotics, Intravenous fluids and supportive care to help her lungs recover, she is now on the road to a full recovery!

A recent check up revealed that Tara has regained her appetite and some weight, she is breathing better and her cough has improved.

This story just goes to prove that lungworm is a real risk to our dogs and if left untreated, can be fatal. Fortunately, in Tara’s case, it was diagnosed and treated in time.

See also the story of Amber. https://alphapet.co.uk/meet-amber-shes-lucky-to-be-alive/
Amber came in for routine neutering. Appeared to be in good health, but due to having undetected lungworm, developed post surgery bleeding. Lungworm can also cause blood clotting disorders.

Prevention is always better than cure, so make sure you regularly treat your dog for Lungworm.
At AlphaPet, we recommend Advocate. A monthly treatment applied throughout the year to prevent fleas and worms.

To find out more about Lungworm, the causes, symptoms and what you can do to prevent it in your dog, please check out this link: http://www.lungworm.co.uk/