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Molly Roots update

Molly Roots update

You might remember a while back we asked for your help in supporting Molly Roots, the daughter of one of our receptionists Niki. Molly suffers from Cerebral Palsy and was in need of a life changing operation - Selective Dorsal Rizotomy (SDR) that would enable her to walk properly and not spend her life in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, at the time, the operation was only available in America and so a vast amount of money was needed to be raised to enable Molly and her family to travel to America for the surgery.

So the fundraising began and everyone here at AlphaPet got involved. We had donation buckets at all 3 of our surgeries and our clients were very generous. Some of our staff took on the challenge to scale the 3 peaks where we raised a massive £1943 and we also sponsored a ‘Disney Spectacular’ concert which raised a further £1000!

Fundraising was well underway and people from all walks of life were raising money for Molly in a multitude of ways.
Then Molly’s Mum and Dad were told that Molly might be able to have the operation at Bristol Hospital here in the UK. After months of uncertainty, they were told that she could!
The money raised so far would now be used for all of Molly’s post surgery needs. In particular, the physiotherapy she would have to have and all the specialist equipment.

Following weeks and months of preparations, hospital visits and pre op assessments, Molly finally had her much anticipated operation on 25th January 2016.
The operation and subsequent procedures were a success and now 6 months on Molly is doing fantastically well. The physiotherapy has been gruelling, but Molly is a very determined little girl, just like her Mum! She is getting stronger by the day and has even been on the treadmill without splints and wearing normal shoes.

We are all extremely happy for Molly and would like to thank everyone who has supported her and her family during this incredibly difficult journey.
If you would like to read more about what Molly has been through and to see how she is getting on now, check out her blog where her Mum posts regularly with all her achievements.