Tortoise Awareness Month
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Tortoise Awareness Month

Tortoise Awareness Month

March is AlphaPet’s Tortoise Awareness Month!

Tortoises were originally brought to the UK by the Victorians and have become commonly kept pets. Due to their long lifespans, they also frequently become family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation. So it's really important that all tortoise keepers know how to care for these fascinating animals

Unfortunately, many of the species kept in the UK originated in the Mediterranean region are not really suited to our climate. British temperatures are somewhat lower and we have much less sunshine - something which is vital for a healthy tortoise. 

Many tortoises are routinely hibernated for several months which is not always ideal. It is very important that when they emerge, they are checked over thoroughly and start to drink and eat immediately. Unfortunately, many tortoises may not be in the best of condition when they come out of hibernation and it is imperative to identify these animals and correct any problems before they develop into major health issues. 

This year we have had a very mild winter and this has meant that a lot of tortoises have had problems with hibernation, although many owners may not be aware of this. So this month, AlphaPet is offering 50% off our Post-Hibernation Nurse Clinic Consultations - now just £5.00! This is a great opportunity for one of our Registered Veterinary Nurses to give your tortoise a thorough health check as soon after emerging from hibernation as possible and to give you advice on how to best look after your tortoise, including feeding, worming and lighting. We can make sure you have the latest Tortoise Care advice to help ensure that you and your pet have a great summer ahead of you!  

Appointments are limited, so book now and give your tortoise a Spring headstart!