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If you follow our facebook page, you will of course remember the story of Trooper. A little Chihuahua x Jack Russell puppy, found and brought into us at the end of March. He was painfully thin, dehydrated, had runny eyes, skin sores and was generally a very unhappy little guy.

Despite an online appeal and articles in the local paper and radio stations, unsurprisingly, an owner did not come forward and it was obvious that he had been abandoned.

Troopers story was shared far and wide and his regular ‘pupdates’ became a firm favourite with our facebook followers, keen to keep up with his progress.
Although AlphaPet funded his treatment, members of the public were very generous, with some even sending in cuddly toys and beds and several hundred offering him a forever home once he was fully recovered.

Now, 2 months on, after some intensive nursing and bucket loads of TLC from our staff, we are very pleased to report that Trooper is now settled and loving his new home. He is booked in for his puppy training classes, generously donated by Happy Dogs Training Club and is getting on well with his new furry friends.

Troopers story only goes to highlight the need for very careful thought before taking on a puppy, or any pet for that matter. Unfortunately the novelty can wear off very quickly and reality sets in when the commitment and financial costs of owning an animal becomes apparent.
Something else we are keen to highlight is the importance of neutering to stop unwanted litters in the first place!

To see Trooper enjoying his new life, please take a look through the photo gallery. The last photo shows you the awful state he was in when he first arrived. You can see from that just how far he has come!