Dangers Of Dr Google
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Dangers Of Dr Google

Dangers Of Dr Google

The internet is a wonderful resource, one that many clients consult first when their pet is showing signs of something being wrong. A Google search can be quicker and less expensive than a trip to the vets .... surely?

The problem is that Dr Google can also be dangerous to your pet's health!

If you aren't able to properly identify symptoms or you miss some of the signs your pet is exhibiting, the answers you may get from an online search could be misleading.

For example, if you see your cat straining in the litter box but nothing coming out. We have lost count of the number of times clients have eventually come in thinking their cat is constipated when in fact they have a life-threatening blocked bladder.

How do you guarantee that the information you read comes from a reliable source? There are still sites on the internet that recommend aspirin and paracetamol for use in cats. Both can be fatal! Garlic is often touted as being useful to get rid of fleas but is toxic to dogs.

Self-diagnosing your pet's problems using the internet can also lead to needless worry.

The proper solution is to consult a professional. Your pet's health is just too important to risk delaying good treatment with misleading advice