Trooper's Story
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Trooper's Story

Trooper's Story

A truly heartwarming story

Trooper was brought in to us by a member of the public. We believed him to be a Jack Russell cross Chihuahua and was just a few weeks old. It looked as if he had been abandoned. He was cold and dehydrated with skin infections and eye ulcers. He was a very sick puppy when he arrived and we didn't think he was going to survive.

But no one gave up on him - he was a fighter and very quickly earned the name "Trooper".

We put his story and picture up on our Facebook page to see if we could trace his owner - could he really have just been abandoned to die?

Very sadly, but perhaps not surprisingly, given the condition he was in originally, no one came forward to claim him, but his story went viral and reached over 100,000 people. He touched people's hearts and we were posting daily "pupdates" to keep everyone informed about how he was doing.

It took several weeks, but eventually, he made a good recovery.

By that time, we had received over 200 offers of homes for him so it was no easy task to pick someone to be his forever home.

Very happily, he is now very settled in his new home - we are still closely in touch with him and are delighted to be able to report that in spite of everything he went through, he is now more or less a normal puppy, apparently none the worse for his ordeals!