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As is often the case at this time of year, we get quite a lot of clients coming to report that their flea product "is not working".

If you have been thinking the same, first ask yourself these questions:
• Have you actually seen fleas? An itchy dog might be scratching for some other reason.
• Have you applied the flea control regularly and at the correct intervals? For example, monthly for products like Advocate, 3 monthly for Bravecto.
• Have you applied the flea control correctly? For example, spot-ons should be applied carefully to the SKIN and not the fur.
• If the product is in tablet form, did it stay down, or was it vomited back, or spat out?
• Are there any other animals in the house? If so, are they all treated according to guidelines?
• Has the house been sprayed? If so, with what and when? For example, a whole can of Indorex should be used up in one session, and floors (incl wooden and tiled) and all fabrics/furnishings should also be sprayed.

Ventilation - Once you have sprayed, leave the room and wait for half an hour BEFORE ventilating the area, by opening windows and doors for at least an hour.

Cleaning - It is vital that you vacuum all floors and upholstered furniture for 7 consecutive days after using Indorex. The vibrations from the vacuum will make sure that any unhatched pupae will hatch out and eventually be killed by the Indorex you have used. Always empty the contents of the vacuum outside.
Don’t forget to spray and vacuum your car as well, if your pet travels in it!

It is also worth noting the following:

September and October are generally the worst months for fleas, as they breed and multiply best in the warmer months.

Most of the life cycle and flea population is in the environment (house +/- outside) and not on the animal.

By the time you are aware of fleas, there is an established population in the house.

The population in the house consists of eggs, larvae, pupae and young adults.

No matter how good the product is that is applied to the animal, there will be ongoing fleas jumping onto the animal from the environment.

Spraying the environment is crucial if fleas have been allowed to multiply.

Indorex will kill adult fleas and prevent eggs developing through into adults.

NOTHING will kill pupae and these will continue to hatch for at least 2-3 weeks, so fleas will still be seen during that period.

Animals may continue to pick up fleas outside (eg from hedgehogs) until the weather turns much colder.

To maintain good control, it is vital to treat for fleas all year round, not just in the summer and at the correct frequency.

There is no evidence for flea-resistance for the products we recommend, including Stronghold, Advocate, Advantage.

If you need further advice, please give us a call.