Seasonal Awareness
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Seasonal Awareness

Seasonal Awareness

Winter can be a great fun time for pets, but it can also come with some added seasonal hazards. Outdoor rabbit and guinea pig water-bottles can freeze so please check each morning that the spout is not blocked with ice. Thaw the ice on water bowls and make sure they have plenty of hay and carrots.

Gritted/salted roads can pose both irritant and toxic hazards to dogs, so please remember to wash their paws when they get back from walks.

Similarly, antifreeze from car radiators and also used in windscreen de-icers seems particularly attractive to dogs and cats, but is highly toxic and often proves fatal.

If you are planning family get-togethers or parties, be sensitive to your pets - the extra noise can be a very anxious and frightening time for pets.

Every year we warn of the dangers of toxic foods such as raisins, chocolate, onions and macadamia nuts, plus the dangers from pets swallowing turkey bones, children’s toys, pieces of tinsel, and small balls, but every year we still have to treat many cases.

Please be extra careful and keep this a happy time of year.