Staff News

Staff News

As ever, there has been alot going on with our staff!

Vet News

In the summer we had to bid farewell to Pete Lockwood who retired from clinical practice. At around the same time, Catherine Williams came off a horse and badly injured her shoulder which put her out of action for a couple of months. Currently, she is on the mend, but still isn't quite able to return to her usual schedules at our Birdham surgery. We hope this will happen early in the new Year.
After much searching, we found and took on, Cristian Mihaita. Cristian, who is from Romania, comes with experience of some of the emerging diseases we are starting to see in the UK.
We are very pleased to welcome Nicky Bulbeck back from maternity leave Nicky will now head up the AlphaPet Chichester team as Branch Manager.

Nurse & Reception News

Many congratulations to nurses, Emma Luxford and Charlotte Sampson, plus receptionist, Sian Cullen, who are all currently on maternity leave and have each given birth to healthy babies. They are all due to return to their AlphaPet duties sometime in the New Year. We wish them all well.
A warm welcome to our new AlphaPet Birdham Animal Nursing Auxilliary (ANA), Charlotte Bearham who joined the team in July
Congratulations also to nurse, Katie Fanning, who got married in the summer.