Post show report from the 2016 AlphaPet Charity Animal Fun Day and Dog Show
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Post show report from the 2016 AlphaPet Charity Animal Fun Day and Dog Show

The 7th annual AlphaPet Charity Animal Fun Day and Dog Show took place on Sunday 14th August 2016 on the Queens Field next to our West Meads clinic.
We believe it was attended by around 2500 people!

It was a great family fun day out and at the same time, raised money for two very worthy animal charities.
This year, all proceeds went to Guide Dogs and Catastrophes Cat Rescue.
We are very pleased to report that we raised a grand total of £2780! This was all down to your support and kind donations, so a huge thank you to all who attended the show and to all those who worked extremely hard behind the scenes to make the day such a success.

203 dogs enter the dog show, with ‘Brie' Burchett (Bulldog) winning Best in Show and 'Coco' Goodman (Westie) winning the Reserve.
Professional photos of the winners and the show can be viewed and purchased at
Please see below for a full list of winners and to see some snapshots from the day.

Best Puppy
Gabi Griffin
Mina Champness
Tuppence Field
Douie Elford
Storm Williams
Flotta Croft
Georgie Jones
Ruby Stevens

Best Veteran
Pebbels Geall
Timmy Challen
Marley Tarhouse
Brodi Longland
Monty Stagg
Connor Clacy
Benie Messey
Milly Tubb

Prettiest Bitch
Coco Goodman
Beanie Webb
ILA Krall & Wingham
Millie Banton
Tilly Akmenkalns
Liberty Calloway
Mabel Challen
Porday Martin

Handsomest Dog
Brie Burchett
Wilson Truckel
Fox English
Otis Ninnes
Keyo Wilson
Jaice Bateson
Ozzy Dawn
Santa Righton

Most Appealing Eyes
Mylo Pete
Jezza Gillbrain
Poppy Nash
Pip Gregory
Nala Monnery
Twigs Plum
Polly Patch Val
Simba Waller

Waggiest Tail
Floyd Williams
Harry Miles
Ozzy Downie
Charlie Victoria
Dottie Steventon
Jarvis Sulicert
Bailey Collyer
Brodi Longland

Dog Most Like it’s Owner
Dottie Steventon
Alexis Christie
Purdey Martin
Mia Harris
Icepop Christie
Poppy Nash
Brodi Longland
Lucy Milne

Best In Show
Brie Burchett

Reserve Best In Show
Coco Goodman
Guess No of Sweets
Julie Williams

Guess No of Treats
Graham and Anita Howling

Name the Dog
Judy Eason

Scent Trail
Josie Hoult

Fastest Recall
Bear Dean

Gundog Scurry
Tex Hunter

Up and Over

Microchip Lottery
Mrs Colby-Relf with Loki