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Focus on Laura Jenner

Focus on Laura Jenner

Laura has recently completed her postgraduate Certificate in Small Animal Surgery and is now accepting referrals (both internal from AlphaPet and external from other local practices) for more complex surgical procedures, so we thought it would be nice to know a little bit more about Laura.

Laura writes:

Since my veterinary career began at AlphaPet, some time ago now, my interest in surgery has continually grown. I love that it often allows a definitive cure to some life-limiting conditions. I have learned new techniques and more advanced treatment options in the 3 years spent studying for my Small Animal Surgical Certificate, and I am now enjoying using these skills on my furry patients at AlphaPet.

As a GP Vet first and foremost, I'm used to managing all conditions, from liver disease to dentistry. So I am ideally placed to fully assess your animal's overall health prior to any surgical procedures. I routinely advise anaesthetics on older animals (or those with other co-morbidities) if I feel it is in the animal's best interests. Different drugs and advanced patient monitoring systems are used to ensure that the animal recovers from the procedure well. At AlphaPet we recommend pre-anaesthetic blood and urine sampling on a patient by patient basis to ensure they are in the best possible shape for anaesthesia and surgery.

I am a general surgeon, and so manage both soft tissue and orthopaedic cases.

If your animal is coming in for surgery with me, we will start with a long consultation to ensure you understand the condition, and the procedure we will be performing. I will also inform you of the potential risks of the surgery, the likely outcome if we didn't perform the surgery, and the other conservative options that could be considered instead of surgery. Occasionally, I may consider, and discuss with you the possibility of referring your pet to a more specialist Veterinary Surgeon instead if it is a very complex condition, or if the surgery may require very specific equipment.

At home, I have a very naughty black cat called Bramble. I had never had a cat before I took her home as a stray kitten with a broken leg! I had no idea how difficult it would be to cage rest her (very!), or how much I would grow to love her. She has taught me to be a much more feline-friendly vet, and I can certainly sympathise with  owners struggling to keep cats rested. I also have Bantam chickens, and have previously been the owner of a house rabbit with dental disease, so am very happy to see the more exotic animals too.

Sadly, I find I don't quite have the time for a full-time canine, so regularly borrow family member's dogs for long country walks, returning them tired and muddy. I love trail running in the South Downs, and have entered into multiple marathons this summer to keep me busy outside of AlphaPet.