Alabama Rot - An Update
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Alabama Rot - An Update

Alabama Rot - An Update

We continue to get many worried enquiries about Alabama rot (also known as Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy).

Alabama rot is a serious disease affecting dogs which causes lesions on the skin (and sometimes in the mouth) which look like bites, stings, sores or wounds. Some affected dogs go on to develop life-threatening kidney failure.

Unfortunately, despite much research, we still do not know the cause, so it is difficult for us to give specific advice as to how to prevent it.

Although no absolute association has been shown, we suggest preventing dogs from walking in stagnant muddy areas and to bath them if they do get muddy on walks.

More cases have been seen between November and May than between June and October suggesting that there may be a seasonality to this disease. Suggestions in the press and on social media pointing to possible causes such as common bacterial infections, exposure to toxins and even exposure to certain plants have all been ruled out.

It is also important to keep this disease in perspective. The incidence of affected dogs remains low - 122 cases have been confirmed across the whole of the UK between November 2012 and January 2018.

We have not had any confirmed cases at AlphaPet although a case was confirmed in Worthing this year. More research is needed and this needs funding. The Alabama Rot Reasearch Fund (ARRF) is a national charity aiming to raise awareness and funds for Alabama Rot. Please check out their website at www.