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Woody Update

Woody Update

Woody is the cat that we were called out to by the RSPCA on 26th September 2017. Here is the original post about him

He'd been hit by a car and had a horribly fractured pelvis as well as being hypothermic and with multiple leg wounds.

As a charity, the RSPCA contribute around £50 towards the care of such strays. The option then is either to find a home or euthanase. At AlphaPet it is never the latter option if we can find another way!

Despite extensive searches, Woody was never claimed, so he stayed with us .... for 189 days until he was able to be rehomed.

The problem is that his pelvis is still not quite right and he has a very odd gait, but he's very happy and able to charge around when the mood takes him. His injuries however did make him very difficult to rehome.

So now he's gone to live with vet/director Richard Edwards!

Latest reports are that he's integrated well with the rest of Richard's menagerie, including the other 7 cats and 3 dogs. He is still giving the peacocks a wide berth (as well as the horses and goats) but is negotiating the cat flaps very well and comes and goes as he pleases.

A very happy ending for a real little fighter!