Alabama Rot

Alabama Rot

Recent studies have shown that almost 95% of confirmed cases have occurered between November and May.

There have been 46 cases so far in 2018 with a total of 169 confirmed cases across 38 counties since 2012. Most cases have occurred in the western and southern parts of England.

Despite the highest number of cases being reported in West Sussex, Dorset and Hampshire, it is important to remember that Alabama Rot is still an extremely rare disease. We recommend that dog owners continue to walk their dogs as normal.

The first sign is likely to be a skin sore or lesion that isn't caused by a known injury. Most frequently it will be found on the lower half of the leg as a distinct swelling, patch of red skin or an open ulcer.

If a dog becomes infected, the best chance of recovery lies with early recognition and intensive veterinary care.

Any dog owner who is worried that their pet might have Alabama Rot should contact AlphaPet immediately.